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Give the tax man a little less and CuriousWorks a little more – and you will give a community a voice.

If you give the tax man a little less and us a little more, you can give a community a voice.

CuriousWorks is a registered Australian charity to which you can make tax deductible donations. We are constantly working towards our own redundancy, empowering the community itself to embed our model into its everyday life: and this is what makes your donation to us unique in the charity landscape.

Our model for community engagement is an award-winning, future-focused model that centres on new technologies, skills development, professionalism and sustainable outcomes. 100% of your donation will go towards implementing that model: and you are welcome to specify what project, place, person or idea you would like your donation to go to, if you prefer if that way.

Your donation is also an investment in a critically needed form of media: honest, compelling stories from the margins of our society, but from the perspective of the insider.

Contact us via to arrange an alternate source of payment.

For those who donate: from the bottom of our curious hearts, thank you.