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Guido Gonzalez

Name:  Guido Fernando Gonzalez
Age: 29
Work: Filmmaker (and sometimes barista)
Place: Cabramatta (named after “Cabra,” a fresh water grub, and “Matta,” a point of jutting out land)
Languages spoken:  Castano Spanish, English

I like: My lil brother’s youtube page,  Sharman de los Rooks , this where all his beats and tracks are at. Check out his music and talent. 


What story do you want to be told/have you told?  
Villawood Mums was only the beginning, the other story I want to tell is my family struggle to get to Australia and how tough life was for my mother and father, especially my mother who raise the 4 of us by herself, such tuff times tested my family and we became stronger and closer cause of it, and growing up in Cabramatta wasn’t easy.

Moon Festival - Urban Stories Crew

Why do you work with CuriousWorks?
As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to make films and always knew that someday I will, I just needed someone to push me to do it, and CuriousWorks has. I like working with the guys cause they are true to the word and not only did they guide me in being a better film aker, I have seen them help others do the same. They’re not fake like other’s I seen come into my community and want to tell our stories their way. CuriousWorks go into a community and train you to tell the story your way the way you see the world – not like some outsider.   


Describe an average day for you in 10 words?   
Turn on the computer, answer emails, do some filming and editing. 


What does your world need now? 

University of Western Sydney Engagement Exhibition

Do you have a golden rule or philosophy? 
Never let anyone tell you, “you can’t do it” and never let anyone belittle you.

Desert Stories Crew in Sydney  

What was your grandmother/grandfather doing when he/she was your age? 
My grandfather on my father side was a well-respected Police Officer. My grandfather on my mother side was in the special force as a bodyguard to the president of Chile. 


Watch Marco and take Guido’s journey here.

More about Cabramatta
Cabramatta is the most populated suburb in the Fairfield LGA, and 1 in 2 Cabramatta residents were born overseas. Aboriginal people have lived in the area for more than 30,000 years compared to European settlement that began in the early 1800s. It is claimed that the name Cabramatta comes from the words “Cabra,” a fresh water grub, and “Matta,” a point of jutting out land. 

Significant weather fact:  On 1st December 2000, hail stones 3 centimetres in diameter fell for 20 minutes causing widespread damage.

Local Hot Spot: Grab a sugar cane drink from Freedom Plaza!

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