1 day and 1 night have passed. The moon is a sliver.
My history has been returned to me.

The Colony universe was created over eight days, during the March 2016 new moon.

It began with Day 0, the day of destruction. This is Creation Day 1.

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When the Tide Comes In, the first Colony story, is set in a newly-imagined Sydney of the 22nd century. A young woman must carry out an unusual mission in order to learn the truth of her family history.


Colony is a grand narrative, linking together characters and locations from across a number of artistic productions. It’s a universe of stories with its heart in Western Sydney, Australia. Those stories stretch from pre-colonial times to the 22nd century, and will be released over the course of several years.

Individual Colony stories will come to you in a range of art forms and styles: from film to theatre, music and interactive. Our current story, When the Tide Comes In, is told through a series of music videos and illustrations. The story will be released online throughout 2016, and celebrated at milestone moments with live audiovisual concerts.

Colony is created and produced by CuriousWorks – and involves all of our staff, artists and Curious Creators. It’s the brainchild of S. Shakthidharan, our founder and artistic director, and the development of Colony was made possible through Shakthi’s role as Associate Artist at Carriageworks from 2013-2015. Music for When the Tide Comes In is by Kurinji.