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 CuriousWorks is a unique arts company celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity.

Using film, theatre, digital spaces and education, we help communities tell their own stories.


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What’s On?

When the Tide Comes In – web series

Sam is on a dangerous mission to discover the truth of her past in a future Western Sydney struggling under climate change, social division and restricted personal freedom. Using film, music and graphic novel illustrations, new chapters were posted monthly with every new moon in 2016.

This is the first story being told in the Colony grand narrative.

Myth: Laka (Prologue) – video projection & soundscape – A View From a Cloud preview exhibition, Norway until early 2017

This is an abstract short-form introduction to our major Myth: Laka narrative project that will be shown on large screens around the world, as well as becoming our first virtual reality project in 2017.


Colony is a grand narrative, linking together characters and locations from across a number of artistic productions.
It’s a universe of stories with its heart in Western Sydney, Australia. Learn more here.